Genuine parts – or more commonly referred as original parts, are manufactured exclusively for the original forklift makers ("TOYOTA, UNICARRIERS,MITSUBISHI,KOMATSU, etc).

Newly purchased forklift from official authorized distributors/dealers are constructed with genuine parts and genuine accessories. Genuine parts are of the highest quality built to the exact specification required by the original forklift makers. Therefore, in general, same appearance, quality and dimensions can be expected for genuine forklift parts.

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. (Some forklift part suppliers claim aftermarket parts as OEM part, which is untrue and misleading.)

OEM parts are made by the same manufacturers appointed by original forklift makers to manufacture genuine forklift parts, while selling the exact same parts in a different packaging with their own brand name, usually at a lower pricing.

Some of the renowned OEM manufacturers are:DENSO,AISIN,KOYO,NPR,RIK,DAIHO,KAYABA,SHIMADZU, etc. Quite often, OEM manufacturer’s brand name and OEM reference number can still be seen on the genuine part. OEM Part’s dimension and quality are exactly same as genuine part.

Not surprisingly, some suppliers try to blur the line between OEM parts and aftermarket parts. While they can claim their aftermarket products as “OEM Quality”, please be aware that OEM parts and aftermarket parts are never the same! NO EXCEPTION.

Aftermarket parts – or replacement parts, are not manufactured by/for original forklift makers. These parts are made to fit and perform as genuine parts.

In general, aftermarket parts are lesser quality compared to genuine/OEM parts. While still serviceable, the cost of aftermarket parts are only a fraction of genuine/OEM part. Nowadays, the forklift parts market is abundant with aftermarket parts. With numerous aftermarket forklift parts manufacturers and suppliers on the rise, our job is to filter out the low-quality aftermarket parts and offer good quality ones to our customers.

With the improved manufacturing technology and experience gained by these aftermarket part manufacturers, over time, the quality of aftermarket parts we carry has improved steadily. We can confidently sell these parts to our customers knowing they will perform at a satisfiable level, bearing in mind the significant cost savings.