Why LYF Forklift Parts?

Our “5N” Pledges to our customers

Getting the correct forklift parts based on the part number you ordered might sound straightforward, but it is amazing how some suppliers are using end users and resellers alike as learning material through supplying "guesstimated" forklift parts. They count on the end user/resellers’ feedback to learn from trial and error before eventually getting it right.

With the market flooded with all kinds of aftermarket, non-genuine forklift parts, you can be rest assured that you will receive the correct parts when you place order with us.

Simply because we get it right the first time.

We do understand shipping cost has to be taken into account for all forklift parts we export internationally. Therefore, we will only offer best reseller’s pricing to ensure our pricing is still exceptionally competitive compared to international local market after adding shipping charge. Exporting on a regular basis enabled us to obtain excellent discount rate from the courier services, subsequently transferring the savings to our valued customers.

Not only we can be your reliable forklift part supplier, we are also your quality control officer. Every part we ship has been carefully inspected for part number accuracy and quality, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We understand it is incredibly frustrating to commit a lead time to your customer, only to have your supplier come back and tell you it will take another 2 weeks on the day it supposed to be due!

Trying to close the sales by underestimating lead time is strictly against our company policy. All our quotes will be furnished with accurate lead time if the part is not in stock. We pride ourselves in committing to the promised delivery, and we inform our customers immediately should there be any delay for unforeseen reasons.

With the improved manufacturing technology and experience gained by these aftermarket part manufacturers, over time, the quality of aftermarket parts we carry has improved steadily. We can confidently sell these parts to our customers knowing they will perform at a satisfiable level, bearing in mind the significant cost savings.

From UPS envelope to 20 foot container, we do not have minimum order quantity. Just one thing less to worry about when you send us your enquiries.

Ever get intimidated by sales reps that are extremely short on patience? Or expect all customers to be forklift parts experts themselves? Not to mention those that actually get annoyed after you send a few enquiries but did not place order?

Not with LYF Forklift parts. We do understand a purchaser or sourcing officer might not been given complete information about the forklift parts while sending the initial enquiry. We will try our best to follow through the quote process to ensure our customers get the pricing and availability for the correct forklift parts they are looking for.

In addition, every enquiry send to us in good faith will be treated with respect and appreciation. We have been in the industry long enough to have realistic expectation on enquiry versus close deal ratio. So relax, just click the "send" button and we will get your enquiry taken care of, with a smile laughlaugh